Pavitra Gurumurthi - Transition Mentor - Intuitive Life Coach Melbourne
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Do you hold on to your inhale?

And fear the release of your exhale?

One inhale-exhale cycle to the next, you respond naturally to the rhythm of life;


effortlessly, ebbing and flowing 
like a wave


Giving birth to new beginnings
from the void of wholesome endings.


This is transition.

Free Guide To Exploring Loss Through Journalling (includes 24 prompts to get you started)

Every millisecond of your life, you are in transition


From one thought to another, one emotion to the other, one cell mutation to the next.

Each transition experienced holding an element of loss, only to make room for the birth of a new perspective on who you are, what your purpose is and how your presence is vital in sustaining the world you live in. The very essence that you have undoubtedly yearned for, even if it is subconscious.

Are you ready to dive deep to explore new and empowering ways to transform your relationship with loss?

I work with women struggling with the concept of loss and assist in discovering a coherent sense of identity, purpose and belonging as they transition through different phases in life.

I teach the (he)art of letting go

Of acknowledging, recognising and accessing the deep wisdom 
in every loss and life transition experienced.


End of Life

I work as an emotional guide for women as they transition through different phases in life, including preparing and grieving for their own or a family member/friend’s end of life journey.


Grief & Loss

I work with women struggling to find peace in any loss experienced, and help move through this transition on the other side of grief by accessing the powerful wisdom of loss.


Identity & Purpose

I teach how to recognise, cope and acknowledge the journey of losing unhealthy attachment to identity or ego while giving rise to a renewed sense of belonging and purpose at different stages within intimate relationships.


New Beginnings

I guide women to identify key aspects of their journey that have a transformational impact on their overall wellness and help build emotional support frameworks, ready for the next stage of their journey.

“In every challenge you face, there exists a golden thread of transformational energy that connects your heart to all that you deserve, eagerly waiting for your embrace”

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Experience life and emotional transitions with ease &  support