When you continue to feel stuck, blocked and disconnected even after you have tried to heal from confusion, exhaustion and overwhelm, it is likely that life is nudging you to dive deeper into the rich source of power held within your highly sensitive nature.


I help highly sensitive women to let go of the need to hide their feelings and emotions to achieve their personal goals and embrace a quiet, confident approach so that they can be open to receiving and exhale with ease



Emotional sensitivity does not confine as much as it forms the foundation from which to thrive.

Imagine your highly sensitive nature is the reason for your calm, quietly confident approach to life.

Where you don’t have to push beyond your capacity, compare yourself to others, hide your true feelings out of fear and exhaust yourself from caring too much.

Your feelings and emotions turn into creative outlets towards achieving your personal goals with comfort and ease.

Principles for emotional integration 


Conscious Presence

Bringing conscious presence to the power of your emotions and feelings and trusting its movement through your body


Honouring Sensitivity

Integrating the logical mind and intuitive heart as a way of honouring your sensitive nature to weave its magic in your everyday life


Open Mind

Keeping an open mind by recognising sensitivity to be a conduit between seen and unseen worlds of your multidimensional existence

Signs you are ready

Exhausted from the overwhelm of intense emotions

Confused about your feminine power as a woman

Uncomfortable expressing feelings and emotions

Struggle with loneliness and disconnection

Tired of hiding your sensitive nature

Out of alignment with your own needs in order to please others

Lacking clarity in your sense of identity, purpose and belonging

Shy away from difficult conversations out of fear

Outcome of Healing

Clarity in your spiritual direction, connection and purpose

Resolve toxic patterns in relationships

Trust your emotional waves as a full expression of you

Develop a beautiful, mystical bond with your heart

Adopt delicate yet empowering habits aligned with your full potential

Express deep sensuality by embodying your feminine energy

Strengthen your inner boundaries without guilt

Maintain sovereignty as you surrender and flow with life

Benefits of the work 

Walking the Path of Tender Authority requires trust, surrender and flow with the unknown yet expansive nature of life. It brings abundant blessings in the form of protection, wisdom,  guidance, support and unconditional love in all areas of your life.


Peace with your past, present and future

Make peace with emotional wounds, past traumas and unhealthy patterns, that are either personal or that have been passed on from generations through your ancestral lineage.


Access to spiritual wisdom

Build infinite trust in your inner wisdom to guide you through making life decisions and choices, big and small and develop a strong sense of tender authority.


Breath of freedom

Breathe, dance and flow with greater awareness and fall passionately in love, with life. Experience freedom through your willingness to welcome all your feelings with grace.

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