Why the struggle even with so much wisdom within and around · Pavitra Gurumurthi Transition Mentor
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Why the struggle even with so much wisdom within and around

Why the struggle even with so much wisdom within and around

Self-help books, religious teachings, spiritual wisdom, inspirational videos, motivational speeches, intuitive healing, life coaching, astrology, science, numerology, psychotherapy, primal therapy, sound healing – the list goes on.

It’s everywhere and in abundance.

Each communicating the wisdom of life, each showing us the path to enlightenment.

To be honest, there are many of us who aren’t even looking for enlightenment as much as looking to lead a simple, stress-free life.

My entire life I have looked to attain enlightenment which I believed to be


A genuine need to rise above the petty human-ness and be one with consciousness, God or reality.

I have been immersed in this work for nearly two decades (and I don’t see it coming to an end anytime soon).

But the deeper I sink into this quest, the more I come away feeling that I am looking for a way out.

A way out of this HUMAN life.

Nothing I have tried has come close to the enlightening experiences of past or present teachers, masters and saints.

Until I was lying alone naked on the floor in the dark, one night, weeping from the misery that is life.

A life that promises so much yet continuously destroys any sense of hope.

I wept because I realised that there was no way out of this.

And that I had two choices – I either go right into the heart of the pain or fully check out.

So I went there.

During the moments of complete surrender, came the following words:

“Anything understood through the mind is limited.
Everything experienced through the body is limitless.

A rainbow of emotions has been gifted to each life.
Each life gifted with the ability to feel every emotion.

Ultimately the choice is ours, to feel or not to feel.
But the hurtable human nature is the only way to enlightenment.”

And finally, for the very first time, I recognised the barrier that stops us from truly experiencing all that has ever been written, spoken and delivered by great beings that have lived (and continue to live).

“Everything in life is simply a concept of the mind until it is fully experienced by the emotional body.”


A process that involves dying in order to come alive.

The only real path towards being one with consciousness.

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