Where ego ceases to control · Pavitra Gurumurthi Transition Mentor
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Where ego ceases to control

ego ceases to control

Where ego ceases to control

Black and White.
Dark and Light.
Summer and Winter.


The Duality of Life.


Masculine and Feminine.
Yes and No.
Right and Wrong.
The two faces of the same existence. 


Simple to comprehend, no?



If there is Light, there can be no Dark,
If you are Right, someone else has to be Wrong.
If you are Masculine, you cannot embody the Feminine.
If your approach is Analytical, you cannot be Intuitive.
If you are Trustworthy, you can never Lie.
Nothing confusing or mysterious about that, yea?



Swinging between the branches of power with pride, thriving on the intensity as it surges through the body fuelling the ego with its need to survive.
With no two extremes existing simultaneously, we find ways to justify the swing.
How exciting it is to feel the rush of it all, ignoring the ego’s claws digging into our flesh for sustenance.
It isn’t hurting anyone, right?



Intensity is sexy. Intensity is powerful. Intensity is hypnotic.
The magnetic force beckoning us to take sides, inviting us to play the ‘innocent’ game of divide and conquer.
What would life be without this enticing game of power?



How EASY it is to JUDGE.
How EASY it is to DISMISS.
How EASY it is to BLAME.
How EASY it is to DISOWN.


Need I say more?
I hear the bold voice of the EGO, “What is the point you are trying to make?”


There is no point.
There is only AWARENESS.
Awareness of your presence. Awareness of your play. Awareness of your needs.
But most importantly awareness of where you cease to control.


EGO laughs,
“Attachment trumps awareness”.

I smile,
Not when everyone is blessed with a humble heart.


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