Emotional Life Transition Support & Guidance ~ Pavitra G ~ Melbourne
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Transition Support

I work with women struggling to cope with the concept of loss, as they transition through different phases in life and  discover a coherent sense of identity, purpose and belonging.

I teach the (he)art of letting go – in acknowledging, recognising and accessing the deep wisdom in every loss and transition experienced.

Much of my mentoring and teachings is based on my concentrated dedication to awareness itself and building on my intuitive skills through many complex life experiences.

I also strongly believe in the integration of the logical mind and the intuitive heart, so you will find some of my professional qualifications a delightful blend of both.

Coaching Certification from the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership (IECL), Certification in Emotional Intelligence, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Reiki Level 1 and 2 and a dash of astrological counselling are tools that I use to help provide structure within the context of the ever-changing nature of feelings and emotions.

I have also been actively engaged in practising and teaching meditation and mindfulness techniques for more than twelve years.

My vision is to bring the extremes of Life and Death to a nondual existence.

In doing so, there will undoubtedly be far less fear circulating in the mind and body, thereby reflecting this state of being on the external environment giving rise to a deeper and richer way of living.

Wouldn’t you love to live a life that supports…

Practicing conscious attachments with people, places and things

Clarity of your own presence and letting go of hiding behind masks

Living a non-dual way of life, with less need to swing between extremes

More security and trust in surrendering to the natural flow of life

Easy access to your innate gifts that can be generously shared with the world

Genuine heart connections without fearing distrust, rejection, or abandonment

Experiencing all of life pleasures and knowing that there is enough for everyone

Healthy, powerful and heart centred ways to express the rainbow of emotions

Trust and fear are both catalysts for transformation.

Transitions involve a deep transformation of your psyche so that you can be in alignment with your soul’s calling.

It is essential to be aware of your emotional reaction to your fears during transitions. Fears arise to help build your capacity to trust, in yourself.

What way would you choose to determine how you manifest the goals you set out to achieve?

I strongly believe in the innate wisdom that lies with you.

Much of my work lies in a deeply committed inquiry into the subtle nuances of your mind and body intelligence through your past experiences, fears, mental blocks, key emotional expressions and building a big picture way of life.

Client love

If you are ready to commit to yourself, eager to jump
into a new way of life, I would be honoured to share your journey
and be a witness to the blooming of your true nature.