5 ways to transform inspiration to action · Pavitra Gurumurthi Transition Mentor
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5 ways to transform inspiration to action

inspiration to action

5 ways to transform inspiration to action

Inspiration hits you when you least expect it.

Or so it appears.

The act of being inspired is directly linked to how well you maintain presence in your everyday life.

And during moments of deep contemplation, you will find that you can be inspired by even a shoelace.

Why is inspiration so important?

You seek inspiration for motivation, to keep focused, but most importantly to feel connected to the world within and around you.

When you are inspired, you consciously or unconsciously align events, people and experiences to bring the success that you hope to have in your life (success being one of the key motivators for your need for inspiration).

However, there will be times when you find that the space between being inspired and the act of creating the success your desire is usually larger than life.

Here are 5 steps to transform your inspirations into action to have the success you want.

1. Discover your strengths. Observe, understand and embrace your strengths. And then spend time understanding how your passions link up with those strengths. You will find that your motivation will increase by ten fold when you know you are in alignment.

2. Creativity thrives on authenticity. Emulating another is the very force that will destroy the act of creating. You were born to be different, so accept your uniqueness, be authentic and own your creative ideas, however, small or insignificant you think they are. The world is in need of more variety and less familiarity.

3. Focus on what inspires you. In order to separate yourself from feelings of inadequacy, unhealthy competition and envy, it is important to place your attention on what inspires you rather than who.

4. Define what success means to you. Understand that success means different things to different people. Get clear about what success means to you. When you do this, you tune into aspects of yourself that will unconsciously begin to attract towards you that which you seek in the form of a constant stream of creative ideas.

5. Do not give up. Like everything in life, inspiration also has an ebb and flow to it. Do not be disheartened when you lack inspiration or let fear get the better of you. Keep your goals in sight and know that the low phase plays a vital role in helping you to reboot so that your creative juices can flow again with greater force than before.

Last but not least, acknowledge that inspiration is a collective force. The synchronicity between your success and those of others are interconnected to allow your creativity to shine just as much as the other.

In what other ways can you narrow the space between being inspired to the act of creation?

What methods do you use to keep you motivated when you lack inspiration? Let me know in the comments.

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