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Stop chasing life so it can find you

Have you stopped to simply notice how your entire being is programmed to chase life?

Whether that is money, love, fame, family, pleasure etc.

What would it feel to stop chasing life and instead, let life find you?

It almost seems impossible.

Here are 6 simple and easy ways to invite life to lovingly meet you where you are at.

1. Keep your heart open, energetically

Often a heart that may be still aching for a traumatic experience from the past will unconsciously dictate your present and future experiences.

You may think that your heart is open, but you make judgements, ridicule, belittle and numb yourself in ways that are subtle yet have a powerful impact on your over all being.

Practice keeping your heart open, energetically.

This means, never controlling or shutting yourself off from any experience, even in the face of dark empty nights where there is only pain and an endless stream of  hopeless nothingness.


From the death defying darkness arises the true nature of self – uninhibited and unafraid to shine.

2. Be an observer

To your thoughts, feelings, emotions and experiences.

Observe how they rise and fall, ebb and flow, contract and expand just the way nature intended.

Let go of numbing yourself into a zombie state.

Wake up!

Become present and fully aware of what is moving through your mind and body.

You will be pleasantly surprised to see that life has been here, all along, waiting for you.

You may often give up on life, but life will never give up on you.

3. Slow down 

In this insatiable fast paced world, what would happen to your nervous system if you allowed yourself to slow down?

You slowed down enough to:

  • Enjoy an afternoon nap without any expectation or the worry of wasting time
  • Lay down on the grass and let the earth hold you while gazing at the blue sky
  • Took a sip of your favourite drink and noticed how it gently flowed through your body, waking up every cell of your being
  • Allow yourself half hour a day to just enjoy massaging your body with great tenderness and love

When you slow down, you begin to interact with the subtle energies of life.

These very energies that our entire universe is created from.

What could be more alluring that getting to know that which cannot be seen?

4. Breathe consciously

This is not an invitation to practice breath work.

It is the opposite.

Without trying to control your breath, observe your natural rhythm.

Is your breathing fast or slow, deep or shallow, longer inhales or exhales? Do you have any shortness of breath?

Observe the rhythm of your natural breathing state.

Whatever it might be, welcome it and let it be, without needing to alter it.

From this state of being, you will find that life will guide you to breathe in just the way that your mind, body and soul is yearning, moment by moment.

5. Do not abandon yourself

Every time your attention moves outside of your body, your awareness gets misplaced.

Practice staying with your mind and body.

Find a spot or area of your body that can become your anchor, your point of reference.

And when you catch yourself out of your body, away in your thoughts or simply checked out, place your hands over this area, gently massage and breathe while you imagine your energy returning back to yourself.

There is never a need to step out of your own energetic field to relate to anyone or anything.

In fact, the more intimate and present you can stay with your own energy, the greater capacity for deep connection and intimacy with people and with life.

6. Resist negotiating with life

“If I repeatedly chant a certain mantra 3 times a day, I will meet the love of my life”
“If I fast twice a week, all my sins will be forgiven”
“If I sacrificed my sleep once a month, I will remain blessed”

These are just some examples, but we have all, at some point, negotiated with life, consciously or unconsciously.

This belief that life (or God) is our father/mother figure and will reprimand or reward us depending on our behaviours is the cause for our unhealthy relationship patterns.

Life is simple.

It just is.

Focus your attention to building awareness moment by moment.

The more aware your become in the present moment, the more opportunities you create for life to meet you here, through heightened sense of intuition, synchronicities, and moments of pure creation and magic.


If you are wanting to dive deeper into this exploration – heal, unlock and explore ways in which you can honour your life, please reach out to book a free 30 minute discovery call.


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