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Spiritual growth and sexual energy

There can be no spiritual growth without honouring the sacred power of your sexual energy.

After all, it is the life force energy through which you came to be.

Sexual energy can often represent stored trauma of misguidance, misinformation and misuse from the human collective. But without it, you wouldn’t be here, living this beautiful complex life.

Sexual energy is sacred

When you lack awareness of the sacred knowledge of its power, grace and presence in your everyday life, you may stumble through life either looking to feed an insatiable hunger that will destroy everything to experience a moment of pleasure or completely numb yourself from existence while seated on a throne of judgement, ignorance and pretence.

However, its potency is palpable in every waking second of your life. You cannot get away from it even if you tried. This life force energy pulses with vibrancy and fullness magnetically drawing you into its bosom of love and creation.

How you choose to interact with its power and grace is what determines how you show up in your work, love and overall life.

Sexual energy is grace

Its beauty lies in your ability to humbly face all aspects of your humanness that you may have kept hidden in the attic, filled with many imaginary demons of your own making.

To honour sexual energy is to first acknowledge its all encompassing presence, including the dark cloud that hangs over it that takes the form of sexual addiction, shame, judgement and control.

Then it takes commitment to learn to get deeply intimate with its essence, by falling passionately in love with your own body, every inch of it.

Sexual energy is pure

When you rely on external stimulus to access your sexual nature, your sexual energy gets diluted. Often it is not about the other person who plays the role of the catalyst. Instead, it is about how you can harness it on your own while keeping its purity intact.

Purity does not equate to chastity.

Merging your body and its fluids, your presence and essence with another being you feel love for, is a sacred act of union with all of life.

When you retain this sacredness while in the act, the purity of its force begins to reveal many untouched realms beyond your physical dimension that has always only ever been a thin veil away from your reach.

Sexual energy is inviting

The way you breathe, move, speak, listen, sit, smile, eat, pray etc reveals how connected you are to your body and your sexual essence.

It invites you to get comfortable with a level of nakedness where there can be no hiding. The kind of nakedness that is in absolute integrity with life.

Sexual energy is life giving

Being single does not diminish the role of sexual energy, it heightens it. Not simply out of longing for union, although this does play a part – some of the loneliest people are those who are in relationships with no emotional and sexual intimacy.

Sexual energy is creative energy. If you aren’t creating a human baby, then use it to create a vision of your future whether that is a new project, hobby, job, home, partner, etc.

The more intimate you begin to get with your sexual essence, the greater the capacity to expand and magnetise your presence and invite life to be nothing short of an orgasmic experience.


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