Pavitra Gurumurthi

Embodying grounded presence, deep mystery and sensual essence in your everyday life

Soul of the dark night (a poem)

The darkness beckons the heart
Dive deeper, it nudges

To see me
Is to welcome blindness

To feel me
Is to unfreeze numbness

To hear me
Is to turn deaf to nothingness

And to know me
Is to experience death
Amidst the intoxicating pull of life
Often, leaving you breathless

What do I receive in return?
Demands the young orphaned heart

My child, comes a whisper
I am the womb that once kept you safe
Till it was time
To give you up to the light
Knowing you could never be mine

I am that, your darkness in the night.


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I help highly sensitive women to let go of the need to hide their feelings and emotions to achieve their personal goals and embrace a quiet, confident approach so that they can be open to receiving and exhale with ease. Learn more about me and discover my offers.