Work With Me ~ Life & Emotional Transition Mentor ~ Pavitra Gurumurthi
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Work With Me

If you are ready to work with me, select a service package below that best suits you and your needs. I look forward to connecting with you.

transition guidance


One hour consult to help you identify key emotional blockages, dissolve emotional wounds and integrate the light and dark aspects of self, including the mind and body to establish an overall coherent sense of identity, purpose and belonging.

Available for private online meeting or in-person.


transition mentoring


Identify immediate emotional or mental blockages and adopt a non-dual, holistic approach to a particularly challenging transition through inquiry, intuitive guidance and hypnotherapy.


3 x 60-minute consultations

Available for private online meeting or in-person.


transition mentoring


Identify unconsciously adopted beliefs from past experiences on loss and repattern your emotional and mental needs through inquiry and intuitive guidance. Opportunity to also explore dark emotions (fear, anxiety, anger etc.) and find powerful ways to express and build a safe relationship with these emotions.

Read about my process and what to expect here.

6 x 1 hour consultations

COST: AUD$1000

Transition through 
Light & Dark Emotions

Identify past wounding that causes you to remain in painful emotional states such as victimhood, control, manipulation and domination and heal through inquiry, hypnotherapy and intuitive guidance. Explore the dual nature of your emotions (peace and anger, love and hate, fear and trust, control and surrender etc.) and unlock new ways to express them with trust. Includes guided healing meditations to connect with the deathless presence within you that will help you establish a grounded and committed sense of self.

Read about my process and what to expect here.

12 x 60 minute consultations

Available for private online meeting or in-person.


Client love

Feeling called to work with me?