Pavitra Gurumurthi

Embodying grounded presence, deep mystery and sensual essence in your everyday life

Sensual Play of a Sensitive Heart

I want you, naked
raw and breathless

every inch of your body
passionately skinless

untied by the winds of change
this naked that I seek, is physical

yet when we touch, I want to feel
every layer of depth

unbounded by the worlds
beyond the ethereal.

The ability to feel, a magic door
open and find love, in its purest form

To taste the musky smell of desire
the nervous play of impatience
and the sweaty wetness of

sweaty sweetness of true union
nervously willing to peal

The more amours we build around our heart, the greater the capacity for deep intimacy.

Our ability to feel, a gateway to experiencing love in its purest form.


Meet Pavitra

I help highly sensitive women to let go of the need to hide their feelings and emotions to achieve their personal goals and embrace a quiet, confident approach so that they can be open to receiving and exhale with ease. Learn more about me and discover my offers.