Pavitra Gurumurthi

Embodying grounded presence, deep mystery and sensual essence in your everyday life

Sensing Presence (a poem)

We see, each other seeing
We feel, each other feeling

We hear, each other hearing
And we love, each other loving

In this energetic field of sensing,
That is our primary gift
Our survival is based, on us all, breathing.

If such is our way of life
Is it not true, that we also

Fear, each other’s fears?
Are anxious, about each other’s anxiety?
And feel the pain, of each other’s pain?

With this awareness in our hearts
Blessed are we, with a choice

If we can hold space for what is unfolding
Without projecting
Stay present, for the healing
Without faltering

We may be able to experience the greatest high of them all
To remain open, to life, without doubting.


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I help highly sensitive women to let go of the need to hide their feelings and emotions to achieve their personal goals and embrace a quiet, confident approach so that they can be open to receiving and exhale with ease. Learn more about me and discover my offers.