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3 self-care techniques that cost nothing

Self-care is usually the last item on our never-ending list of tasks.

Particularly when we are navigating through a challenging life situation.

During challenging times, we are so focused on running away from feeling the pain that we forget that we are most in need of self-care and support.
And wonder why we are left feeling exhausted even if we haven’t exerted ourselves physically.

Suppressing our emotional well-being is tiring as it takes a large amount of energy to go against the flow of life.

Below are 3 simple quick self-care techniques that can help calm our nerves, stay grounded, ease anxiety and help us gain a deep sense of peace within minutes.

1. Just Breathe

So you don’t like to meditate?
You’ve tried it but you do not have the patience or time for it.

Not a problem.

Do you breathe?
Yes, it is a rhetorical question but it may have got you to pause.

The next time you find yourself overwhelmed, stop what you are doing and

  • Count to 4 as you breathe in

  • Count to 8 as you breathe out

  • Do it 3 times. Count slowly.

That’s it.

The deeper and slower you breathe, the safer you will feel.

2. Just Listen

Day in and day out, we are constantly receiving information. And some of us are constantly listening to people’s judgement, opinions, suggestions of what you should and shouldn’t do.
It can be exhausting.

To add to the exhaustion, you spend every waking minute of your life listening to the critical voices in your head constantly nagging you, telling you off and intently pushing you down an abysmal pit.
No wonder you feel like giving up.

I feel you.

Just for a second or three no matter where you are, if you can close your eyes and try to listen to the sounds in nature.

I feel your resistance.
You live in the city. All you hear are cars, buses, trains and construction works.

  • Expand your hearing to include the sounds of nature (whether that is the wind, a little bird, the tree, an insect etc). Doesnt matter if there is nothing around, try to imagine it.

  • Maintain this listening for just one minute

  • Pause. And repeat 3 times

If you can take yourself in nature, even better. Listen keenly to every sound in nature.

Here is the magic….
the sounds of nature (apart from its picturesque magnificence) has the power to expand and instantly connect you to something bigger than you.

3. Just Smile

This is probably one of the hardest things you can do when you are stressed, angry, anxious, sad, grumpy and tired.

If you cannot muster up any energy to smile from your heart, that is absolutely ok.

  • Purse your lips

  • Show some teeth

  • Hold the ‘forced smile’ for only a minute.

I am not joking.

Your subconscious mind is a lot smarter than you give it credit.
Even if it is a forced smile it has the power to radiate out into the world, shift your energy and someone else who may have unknowingly holding out for a smile from a stranger to make their day.

When you do these simple techniques with consistency, I promise you will have done good not only to yourself but also inspired those around you into self-care.

Here is a challenge – Can you do all three of the suggestions at the same time?


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