My Transition & Integration Process · Pavitra Gurumurthi Transition Mentor
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My Transition & Integration Process

Transition Mentoring assists in building awareness of your emotional reaction to fear of loss and limiting thought patterns while navigating through life transitions.

It provides a sacred space for all of your emotions, the light and dark, to harmonise and give rise to a deeper acceptance of your mind and body intelligence.

Transition Mentoring will equip you to face all of life with much compassion, strength, courage and a whole lot of grace.

I strongly believe in the integration of the logical mind and intuitive heart. You will be assisted in building a strong connection to the rainbow of emotions experienced within your body with trust, ease and comfort. This allows for a healthy solid structure within the context of the ever-changing nature of feelings and emotions.

I find this beneficial to clients who have experienced a great deal of loss through various life transitions because it assists them to process the pain, gain a big picture understanding of the role of loss in our existence and stay tender and open to all of life with little to no resistance.

Working with me you can expect to…

Gain clarity of your own powerful presence

Let go of the desire to hide behind masks

Feel more secure in surrendering to the natural flow of life

Build trust in feeling into the rainbow of emotions present in your body

Find greater ease in expressing your thoughts, feelings and emotions

Enable yourself to share without fear of rejection or abandonment

Experience more tenderness and acceptance towards 'negative' emotions

Discover an awareness of your innate gifts and talents

Generously share your inner self without fear of judgement or competition

Practice conscious attachments with people, places and things

Transform your understanding of and relationship with loss

Embody a deeper sense of identity, purpose and belonging

“The safer you feel with your own pain and darkness, the more trust, comfort and security you will feel within yourself and provide the same to the people in your life.”

What to expect on your journey through transition with me


In our sessions, I will guide you through the light and shadow aspects of your
predominant core emotional responses to life challenges, giving space for what
needs to be released with ease and trust.


Sessions 1-2

Fear, anger, anxiety, depression, resistance, control, dejection and defence are some ways in which we react to challenging life transitions.

In our sessions together we will gently discover your habitual emotional responses and your personal core triggers for such responses.


Sessions 3-4

We dive further to explore the range of emotions present within the human body and the core emotions that you access on a regular basis, especially during challenging times.

You will learn to build awareness and cultivate acceptance of the sacred purity present within each and every emotion – the good and the not so great.


Session 5-10

We will continue exploring emotions and unlock the unique interplay between your mind and heart linking in your past experiences that may have defined your present reality.

During these sessions, you may experience some level of emotional discomfort but you will be held and learn to hold yourself with utmost tenderness and humility.

Allowing the discomfort to surface helps to transmute them giving more space for a deeper connection to your feelings and seeding empowering new emotional patterns in your psyche.


Sessions 11-12

You will sink deeper into your feeling state thereby cultivating new awareness and get in touch with intuitive abilities that you never knew existed.

You will be encouraged to access the innate wisdom that lies within you, to find ways to support and love yourself through any future life transitions.

You will be able to distinguish between various feeling states with ease and have a healthy response to each of them.

Grief Loss Confusion Heart Broken

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