Inspiring you to bridge the gap between the known and unknown realms of existence through your feelings and sensations

I am here to inspire you to bridge the gap between the known and unknown realms of existence through your emotions, feelings and sensations.

The Beginning

My humble journey is one of death defying courage, gentle surrender and blind faith in the unknown.

 It began in India where much of my sense of identity, belonging and purpose was clearly defined by my cultural background. A bubble of comfort that I assumed life to always be.

However my life had a trajectory of its own. I found myself caught up in a whirlwind of emotional chaos from a very young age. One that had left me feeling very unsafe and wanting to run away and hide. This chaos enthusiastically invited me to step into a path that shattered the foundation that I had grown accustomed to.

Through a series of unexpected events, I found myself alone and starting a new life in New Zealand at 22, never having traveled before.

“Many travel to India to find themselves. I left India to find myself.”

The Turning Point

Since my arrival to New Zealand, darkness had engulfed me. Questioning my entire existence, I leaned into various spiritual practices to find peace.

Lack of safety was the core theme of my life – feeling safe in my body, with my thoughts, my emotions and with life.

I committed the next decade to unraveling the dark unshakeable cloud that had diminished my entire presence into fear, distrust and victimhood. Traumatic experiences from my childhood had seeped into every cell of my being.

This was an unexpected form of death, as I knew myself to be. Another transition was upon me.

Looking back, I now acknowledge that I was being initiated into a death experience, death of a version of self that no longer resonated with my true being.

“To be willing to die while still alive, is the greatest death of them all.”

The Transformation

There’s always been a wildly guided spirit within me riding the winds of change with utmost surrender and faith.

Many times this life journey has been lonely, alone or both.

Having navigated the first half of my life across three different countries (India, New Zealand and Australia) much of it on my own, I have often witnessed myself as an outlier, a misfit, a perfect storm of confusion and disbelief even. 

The identity of a highly sensitive brown woman, in her fourth decade in this human body penetrating through many cultural, traditional and societal expectations to live a life in alignment with her truth has been a difficult terrain to navigate. Arrows of perceptions and projections aplenty. Scars from these very piercings still reveal deep phantom pains of not belonging.

Yet, most days I am wildly alive and free, life force energy surging through my body like a goddess of fire, destroying every thought that keeps me small, creating a mighty field of transformation pulling in all those who are brave enough to be inspired by its potency.

The Rebirth

My body, a sacred temple, is no longer a concept but a living breathing experience. Everything that arises and falls is witnessed with great care, love and tenderness. 

Today, I consider myself blessed by life, for continuously providing me with unlimited healing opportunities to explore love, loss and everything in between through my highly sensitive nature. 

Between writing poetry, running embodied workshops and retreats, getting lost in the mystical realms, and exploring my ancestral lineage while being back in India, I commune with oneness in the presence of absolute faith and surrender.

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“If I am to belong, let it be known because I do

For no man-made reason, but for the creator that breathes

This breath will no doubt cease one day

That moment will I joyfully welcome with ease

To belong was never the journey, ever

Only to embody an all-encompassing heart that inspires belonging, always and forever.”

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