The Ultimate Guide To Exploring The Wisdom Of Loss

ultimate guide to exploring loss

Whether a loved one has passed, a long-term relationship has ended, you’ve moved countries, been made redundant, or missed out on a opportunity…

If you are finding it difficult to cope with the loss of the connection, loss of your sense of belonging, loss of who you are… Use this guidebook to gently explore the heaviness that the experience of loss brings with it.

As you navigate through the transformative nature of the questions in the guidebook, you will realise that loss is no longer something to be fearful of, and something that you can grow from. When we unlock the wisdom of your loss you can move forward again without despair, guilt and sadness.

Includes 24 powerful self-inquiry questions to help transform your perspective on loss and help adopt a more gentle, nurturing and empowering attitude in your response to loss. 

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