Life that is flowing through me right now (a poem) · Pavitra Gurumurthi Transition Mentor
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Life that is flowing through me right now (a poem)

Life that is flowing through me right now (a poem)

Dancing naked in the dark

The music guiding her into unconscious realms of existence

She tread through terrains

Three months ago would have sunk her into throes of panic

She allowed the energy to take over

This time, dancing to the flow

Tears running down her face

Allowing the pain to hurt some more

Stepping into the emptiness

Fear taking over with each breath

Getting intimate with her hurt-able human nature

She had pretended to dismiss as silliness

Naked, tears and heart, she lay on the floor

Curled up like a fetus, misery galore

She closed her eyes

Giving herself permission to feel

So came a vision

In the silence of the dark

A vulnerable little girl, deep in a corner of a prison

Shaking with fear

Death loomed over with persistence

I have come for you, you worthless life

I have come for you

Disguised in the form of humans you love

To threaten you out of your existence

You deserve no sense of belonging

No matter where you are

There will always be a longing

Nothing will save you, even from afar

She sobbed to God

Show me mercy, if you are real

Rob me of these emotions

Just so you know, none of this is ideal

Breaking the deadly silence

Finally came some respite

The empty space spoke

Willing to give some advice

These said emotions you curse

Are the gateway to everything

How can there be mercy

When all of it is but anything

So feel, my dear heart,

Just be with you

Resist your temptation to fight it

Let the pain not distort

In the end

There is only all

Believe me

Into the nothingness

Is where you shall eventually fall

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