Pavitra Gurumurthi

Embodying grounded presence, deep mystery and sensual essence in your everyday life

Louder than thunder, bigger than the universe
It travels through our being

Hotter than the sun, cooler than the ice
It touches a soul that’s seeking

Lighter than air, more silent than the dark
It reveals its presence through sensing

It moves across mountains and oceans
Plunging into the depths within every cell of knowing

We think we own it
Believing it to keep all our feelings a secret
Maintaining a false sense of identity
To preserve our survival instincts

But it moves through entire galaxies
Within and without
Entrusting its momentum to the pulse of creation

Each of our feelings, breathing life into existence
Without the purest of intentions, its desire to destroy strengthens

Destruction is but only a concept
Just like death, merely a transition

For it transforms through the burning needs of our desire
No silky words or actions can fully hide the deepest of our fire

So, rise above and feel
Willing to live, willing to die

In this duality of life
Integrity to self
The only way to breathe life into another.


Meet Pavitra

I help highly sensitive women to let go of the need to hide their feelings and emotions to achieve their personal goals and embrace a quiet, confident approach so that they can be open to receiving and exhale with ease. Learn more about me and discover my offers.