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Falling in love with Winter

Stepping into the throes of winter, I feel my mind, body and spirit sink into the cold embrace of the winter months in the Southern Hemisphere.

I grew up in Bangalore. Used to be known as the Garden City of India, famous for its pleasant weather conditions, all year round. So the aversion to the cold is strong and intense.

My heart shuts down as the autumn seasons brings a looming sense of doom to my warmth-loving self. Panic creeping in as the long dark night’s usher in the familiarity of the unknown, nudging for an acknowledgement of its existence. My mind racing a million miles an hour hungrily searching for ways to combat the sense of isolation, fear of loneliness and the gloom stories that I had grown accustomed to against my uphill battle with the cold.

The struggle, real.

The resistance, strong.


Walking along the river on a cold winter’s day, the wind kissing my face, my teeth chattering away and my eyes barely registering what is ahead of me from the fog, I listened to nature whisper a little story about winter.

A long time ago, when Winter was seeking approval for its existence, the Gods asked, ‘And what do you have to offer, dear Winter?’

With a fear of rejection in her eyes, Winter mumbled

‘I know I am the least loved in my family (of seasons).
I bring destruction to life as you know it.
I make the warm smiles on beautiful happy faces turn into grumpy complaints.
I stir up intense fear of the unknown, bringing darkness, where ever I go.
Not many look forward to my visits. And most try to get away from me.
But I stand in your presence today, as I believe I have something worthy to offer

One of deep transformation:

– I make known, the outdated version of self that needs to die, to bring forth the birth of a new perspective on what it means to be fully alive

– I peel away, another layer of ego, that no longer brings a sense of unity, love and belonging

– I transmute everything that creates separation from the life-force;

Ultimately creating a sacred space for the Phoenix within to rise from the ashes.

The Gods beamed with joy.

‘Dear Winter’, they rejoiced.


Our universe is lifeless without your presence.’

Winter smiled, humbly bowed before the Gods and gracefully accepted her rightful place in the universe.


As I find myself finally surrender to the wisdom of winter, I recognize that she is the true embodiment of all the feminine aspects of our being.

Stillness, silence, darkness, patience, grace, softness, warmth, nurture, nourishment, care, love, intimacy and vulnerability – the true representation of feminine energy.

If you find yourself resisting Winter, here is an invitation:

  • May the long nights connect you with the deep stillness that is ever present within you.

  • Be curious about the womb space that winter provides and discover new ways in which you can bring more nourishment, healing and gentleness into your life.

  • When you feel the cold, may it serve as a reminder to access the emotional warmth that wishes to embrace you through love, intimacy, inspiration and care.

  • Engage in activities that help integrate your nervous system to match the natural rhythm of winter i.e. rest, sleep, yoga, nature walks, writing, painting etc. Less resistance and more surrender.


My wish for you 

May the winter months ease your beautiful heart and mind enough to nurture your soul’s need so that when it is time, it can spring open to life inviting the warmer months to burst with the energy of creation.


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