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Exhaustion from pushing to achieve goals

There comes a sense of tiredness with pushing. Yet there is a feeling that if we don’t, then nothing good will happen.

We are constantly bombarded by messages to strive, create, accomplish, go forth and conquer.

If we don’t, we feel we will not achieve our goals, be left behind, be judged as lazy, not respected and fear of missing out on opportunities.

From my own experience, I had always believed achieving success through perfection meant that I would be loved. This was my incentive to give it my best in everything I could. I equally beat myself up for everything that I couldn’t. The more I worked hard, the better the results, I used to believe and never knew what rest meant for a very long time.

How did that leave me feeling?
Not only did I view myself as a failure, but I also felt incredibly exhausted.

Little did I realise that as someone who is highly sensitive, one of our core need is to to adopt an approach towards achieving our goals that is honouring of our sensitivity.

We need more:

  1. 1. Physical rest than others to allow our body to recover from over stimulation through our five senses.

  2. Quiet alone time to connect with our body to get some respite from constantly receiving the external world and soaking it in like a sponge.

  3. Tender loving care towards our feelings so we don’t get overwhelmed by it all due to our ability to feel everything intensely.

When we take time to honour this deep need that is our nature as sensitive people, we fill our energy with fuel to move forward.

The outcome of adopting this approach is that it only takes half the time to achieve our heartfelt goals, when we are in alignment with our core nature.


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I help highly sensitive women to let go of the need to hide their feelings and emotions to achieve their personal goals and embrace a quiet, confident approach so that they can be open to receiving and exhale with ease. Learn more about me and discover my offers.