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Trust is a huge topic to unpack. In this post, I want to touch on a subtle layer that I am currently dancing with.

One of the reasons why we are incredibly disappointed when trust is broken is because we believe that trust is static.

Trust is dynamic in nature as it is part of our evolutionary growth as human beings.

It is alive and needs constant nurturing on our part.

In just the way that I do not trust myself in the water today, because I cannot swim doesn’t mean to say that I cannot trust myself in water, tomorrow.

I may commit to learning how to swim and overcome my irrational fear of drowning.

Although this future is in an unmanifested state right now, there is a possibility that it could change.

Similarly, when we trust someone today, it is because we believe in who they are today.

Our attachment to trusting them forever is out of compassion and goodwill, but we cannot control how they choose to evolve.

Also, our expectation of how they choose to evolve is separate from how they will evolve.

When big life circumstances occur, such as a marriage, death, moving countries, etc then the energy of trust also changes.

How this change will take place in ourselves is dependent on various factors such as childhood upbringing, commitment to healing and emotional growth.
How it will impact another, lies in the level of expectation they have of us.

To conclude, trust is a dance. And a painfully beautiful one at that.

The more we are willing to surrender to the unknown energy of life (God, Universe, Creator), the deeper the level of trust we can uphold for ourselves, from within.

And when it comes to placing deep trust in another?

It may never come easy but when there is a willingness to learn to fall into the deep ocean of another person’s heart with gentle surrender, then the only hurt we will experience is of our own hearts cracking open with deeper compassion and love.


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