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10 tips for an emotionally rewarding year

Happy New Year!

Few days past the new year, post-holiday blues easing and the reality of routine kicking into full gear.

Lessons learnt and successes celebrated from the year gone by will no doubt be part of what this coming year will encompass to ensure that you continue on your path of forward trajectory.

As I reflect on the year that has been, I realise that emotional health is a key factor to living a fulfilling life.

Here are top 10 tips to help your new year be an emotionally rewarding year.

1. If the people you count on the most are not present to support you in your hour of need, trust that help will come through in many other forms.
Strangers are family you are yet to meet.

2. You can either behave younger than your age or older than your age but you can never behave your actual age.
Do not let expectations stop you from being who you are.

3. Fear of the unknown is what makes you curl up in a fetal position when change is around the corner.
Let trust be your guiding light.

4. There is no right or wrong in this world. There is only what you have experienced and what you choose to experience.
Live and let live.

5. The fear of being judged for your own insecurities, causes you to judge another.
Embrace your insecurities because everyone has them.

6. It is definitely worth sharing your dreams, ambitions and fears with someone you do not know.
You will come to realise that we are all connected through our similarities.

7. The power of vulnerability is underrated.
Let vulnerability lead the way to establish soulful connections.

8. If you hurt another’s soul, it is your responsibility. If you hurt another’s ego, it is their responsibility.
Take responsibility for your own actions.

9. Replace ‘but’ with ‘and’ in your sentences and watch the magic unfold.
Words are just as important as actions.

10. We cannot control the rhythm of life and it cannot control us.
Create and practice the art of acceptance.

May the new year bring you a sense of expansion in the way that will open your heart to experience life in its most purest form.


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