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Clarity on how to care for others

Gaining clarity on how much time, effort and care we can give to others without feeling exhausted is an ongoing quest for many.

Most of us are trying to stay sane from the evolutionary upheaval that we find ourselves currently facing. Some of us drained, others pretending to ignore the inevitable change and then there are those rejoicing in the potential of a new way of life. No matter what we are feeling, there is an underlying sense of anticipation, curiosity and deep care for the survival of our loved ones.

The act of caring is a natural human instinct that generates the warm feeling of tenderness, growing intimacy and the deep sense of belonging. There is also the added bonus of society also accepting us as possessing admirable qualities and a valuable asset to communities when we go out of our way to care for another.

We care. We do. Especially during times when we lie to ourselves that we don’t. And yet caring ‘too much’ can become an issue.

  1. When we put others’ needs above ours under the pretense of being a good child, parent, employee or friend.

  2. When we become addicted to the feeling of being needed and accepted from a source outside of ourselves.

  3. When we feel guilty for not having given enough, questioning our own ability to naturally care.

Our intelligent body usually lets us know when we have fallen into the trap of over-caring.

  1. Emotional Exhaustion

  2. Disconnection

  3. Dissatisfaction

  4. Disappointment

  5. Confusion

The above our some of the ways we come away feeling, when we over-care and over-give.

The key is to be sensitively alert to these internal messages.

And then identify how we may have crossed our own internal threshold and gently bring the attention back to ourselves.

Practicing tuning in and honouring our needs with care first and foremost, softens our hearts towards caring for another with tender authority.


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