Protective Armour

This poem came to me as I have been contemplating about the many armours that we wear around our hearts as a way of protecting ourselves from disappointment, pain and sorrow. This poem is in acknowledgment to every armour that ever existed – thank you for keeping us safe while taking care of our core […]

Energy of Trust

Its movement, subtleIts impact, power Its essence, delicateIts presence, a transformer Thoughts, words and actionsPreceded by one small intention To elicit safetyOut of misery or contentment This is the energy of trustWillingly unwillingIn all its refinement The sweet bearer of intimacyAnd destroyer of fruitless conception How we orgasm from its flavourNot a decision of the […]

Sensual Play of a Sensitive Heart

I want you, nakedraw and breathless every inch of your bodypassionately skinless untied by the winds of changethis naked that I seek, is physical yet when we touch, I want to feelevery layer of depth unbounded by the worldsbeyond the ethereal. The ability to feel, a magic dooropen and find love, in its purest form […]

Soul of the dark night (a poem)

The darkness beckons the heart Dive deeper, it nudges To see me Is to welcome blindness To feel me Is to unfreeze numbness To hear me Is to turn deaf to nothingness And to know me Is to experience death Amidst the intoxicating pull of life Often, leaving you breathless What do I receive in […]

Integrity to Self (a poem)

Louder than thunder, bigger than the universe It travels through our being Hotter than the sun, cooler than the ice It touches a soul that’s seeking Lighter than air, more silent than the dark It reveals its presence through sensing It moves across mountains and oceans Plunging into the depths within every cell of knowing […]