Stop chasing life so it can find you

Have you stopped to simply notice how your entire being is programmed to chase life? Whether that is money, love, fame, family, pleasure etc. What would it feel to stop chasing life and instead, let life find you? It almost seems impossible. Here are 6 simple and easy ways to invite life to lovingly meet […]

Why we take things personally

We place a lot of value on what other people think or say about us. And when we feel hurt by their thoughts or behaviours towards us, we deny the hurt by saying to ourselves, “I don’t care about what they think.” Oh, but we do care. And this caring is never going to stop. […]

Spiritual growth and sexual energy

There can be no spiritual growth without honouring the sacred power of your sexual energy. After all, it is the life force energy through which you came to be. Sexual energy can often represent stored trauma of misguidance, misinformation and misuse from the human collective. But without it, you wouldn’t be here, living this beautiful […]

20 random facts you may not know about me

I had my website recently redesigned and the information introducing myself is minimal so I thought to share more about the person behind the website, as a way to further connect with you. I hope that you have an enjoyable experience while reading. My first name Pavitra means pure and sacred. My last name Gurumurthi […]

Journey of a single Indian woman

If I only had a dollar for every time I got asked this question. My default response has been to make a joke, get awkward, become philosophical, change the subject and/or get defensive. While quietly pretending that my egoic self isn’t triggered in any way. As an Indian woman society has consistently demanded that I […]

10 Life Lessons from 2019

2019 – an emotionally challenging year of numerous deep dives into the depth of past pain, to look them in the eye, feel and then release them back into the ether for transformation. Today, I reflect back on some of the life lessons that will no doubt impact my life going forward. 10 Life Lessons […]

Reclaiming my motherland

Today is the Annular Solar Eclipse in the sign of my moon. Moon representing home, emotions, comfort, safety and security. Coincidentally I find myself back on my motherland, having just landed only a few hours ago. As the plane taxied to station in the wee hours of the morning, my body trembled with many stored […]

Letting go the year that has been

We are about to commence, not only a new year cycle but also a new decade.It is only a few weeks away. Many of us are looking forward to the shiny new potential of 2020 and quietly aware that this also calls for opportunities to let go of our attachments to old ways of being. […]

Loss is an inevitable experience of life

“The fear of loss will always feel far more intense than the experience of loss itself.” With this awareness, what would you choose? Fear or experience? As I write this I notice my body instantly questioning if there really is a choice. Why would anyone want to choose the experience of loss over just feeling […]

10 powerful ways grief opened my heart

My first experience of grief was nearly two decades ago.I knew very little of what grief left like then or how it moved through my body. Cut to twenty years later and I find myself navigating through most intense grieving period of my life. The only difference is that this time, I have no choice. […]

Assumption vs Intuition – How do you differentiate between them?

A lovely acquaintance asked me a question one morning, ‘where do your parents live?’ I said, ‘both my parents have passed away.’ He looked astounded, said he was sorry and seemed a bit uncomfortable. After a few seconds of silence, he looked at me with a smile and asked, ‘you must have siblings?’ I said, […]

Integrity to Self (a poem)

Louder than thunder, bigger than the universe It travels through our being Hotter than the sun, cooler than the ice It touches a soul that’s seeking Lighter than air, more silent than the dark It reveals its presence through sensing It moves across mountains and oceans Plunging into the depths within every cell of knowing […]