Ever changing nature of trust

Trust is a huge topic to unpack. In this post, I want to touch on a subtle layer that I am currently dancing with. One of the reasons why we are incredibly disappointed when trust is broken is because we believe that trust is static. Trust is dynamic in nature as it is part of […]

Protective Armour

This poem came to me as I have been contemplating about the many armours that we wear around our hearts as a way of protecting ourselves from disappointment, pain and sorrow. This poem is in acknowledgment to every armour that ever existed – thank you for keeping us safe while taking care of our core […]

Energy of Trust

Its movement, subtleIts impact, power Its essence, delicateIts presence, a transformer Thoughts, words and actionsPreceded by one small intention To elicit safetyOut of misery or contentment This is the energy of trustWillingly unwillingIn all its refinement The sweet bearer of intimacyAnd destroyer of fruitless conception How we orgasm from its flavourNot a decision of the […]

Sensual Play of a Sensitive Heart

I want you, nakedraw and breathless every inch of your bodypassionately skinless untied by the winds of changethis naked that I seek, is physical yet when we touch, I want to feelevery layer of depth unbounded by the worldsbeyond the ethereal. The ability to feel, a magic dooropen and find love, in its purest form […]

Gift of a nervous life

When we nurture our nervous lifeWith gentle presence We lay to rest the sensitivitiesOf fear, judgement and expectation For so long, tired are our nervesFrom learning, fixing, trying and controlling The mind, determined and eager to perceiveThe logic of knowledgeable intelligence What in truth, is our hearts deepest cry for helpOut of muffled negligence ‘Oh […]

Starry-eyed monster of idealism

Idealisation is a common pitfall for many of us. Perfect in our imperfections, we continue to strive to better ourselves, in various ways unconsciously seeking freedom. What that freedom represents is different for each of us, a path filled with hope, ultimate goal towards nirvana. While on this search, we may stumble upon certain individuals […]

A cup full of recognition

I chanced upon a meme the other day that read, “me waking up to zero messages because no one gives a damn about me”, with an image of a woman looking sad. This meme had nearly 4000 comments with various people tagging themselves as “this is me”, “I am glad I am not alone” etc. […]

The void of longing

I woke up with a feeling. It was familiar, yet this time it didn’t threaten to trash me with the strength of a tsunami. I remained curious. The feeling ebbed and flowed with my breath. The deeper I breathed, the lesser the intensity, but it was present, gently awakening parts of my soul that I […]

The lonely life of intimacy

When did loneliness touch our lives for the first time? Is it simply a new phenomena of our current experience, a generational wave or lifetimes of its presence passed on by our ancestors? Although it may be hard to admit, loneliness is ever present in our everyday life. We are constantly in conversation with loneliness. […]

Anger reveals what has been violated

Ever remember being angry and feeling good about yourself? The nightmare of self-hatred that goes along with the feeling of anger, one might as well sign up to live in hell. There is a stench of something undead, rotting away in the dark dingy corner of low self-worth, self-love and self-acceptance. ‘I shouldn’t be angry’ […]

Comparing and merging with others to fit in

Comparing and merging with people is an unconscious yet easy route to trying to fit in. Due to our innate sensitive nature to make other people feel comfortable in our presence, we go out of our way to accommodate them, in the process creating unhealthy dynamics of comparison or boundary-less merging with others. From my […]

Sensing Presence (a poem)

We see, each other seeing We feel, each other feeling We hear, each other hearing And we love, each other loving In this energetic field of sensing, That is our primary gift Our survival is based, on us all, breathing. If such is our way of life Is it not true, that we also Fear, […]