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Pavitra Gurumurthi Story

My humble

It began in India with much of my sense of identity, belonging and purpose clearly defined by my cultural background. A bubble of comfort that I assumed life to always be.

But very quickly I found myself in a whirlwind of emotional chaos.

This chaos enthusiastically invited me on a journey that shattered every concept of foundation that I had grown accustomed to, nudging me to fully embrace the (he)art of letting go.

For a very long time, I believed that loss was something that happened to those unfortunate, the underdogs, unworthy of love from the Universe itself. This belief dictated much of my life, paralysing me with incremental fear after each loss I experienced, big and small.

Fortunately, this fear led me on a path of self-discovery, healing and a deeper understanding of a spiritual way of life from a very young age. By no means is this journey of self-inquiry, surrender and evolution complete.

But today, I consider myself blessed by life, for blatantly reminding me of my own mortality by continuously providing me with unlimited opportunities to explore loss on various levels of consciousness while I am still alive.

By learning to embrace the gifts that life transitions bring, I feel empowered to continue to live my life from a place of gratitude and humility.

Free therapy training from life itself, as one of my teachers always reminds me.

My own life transitions…


At nine, a year-long threat to my physical life by a family member not only exposed me to the lower vibrational expression of human emotions but was also my very first introduction to the powerful energetic life force that lives and breathes through me, and us all.


At fifteen, my father passed away leaving me to grieve deeply the loss of his presence as he provided incredible safety, security and spiritual wisdom I had grown accustomed to. This experience led me to further explore the energy of love beyond the physical realm of our existence.


At twenty-two, I left India to move to New Zealand on my own, strongly guided by my intuition. I had no logical explanation for choosing to leave my mother, a single parent to an only child, to care for herself. The inner call was unfathomable guiding me to set an intention to find a deeper sense of belonging, one that was not solely defined by any culture, tradition or society.


At twenty-nine, when our entire home in India was robbed by a relative, I was thrust to feel the pain of materialistic loss and was humbly shown to remain open to the resilient human heart and the richness of intangible wealth that is forever, abundantly available within it.


At thirty, my mother passed away leaving me orphaned. As an only child, I floated around for a few years after feeling like an unwanted feather, nowhere to return, go or be. This transition crushed every false concept of belonging, identity and purpose that society teaches to find safety within, to allow a rebirth of a new way of relating to myself and others.


At thirty-four, I finally released the core pain of wanting to end my life and just live because I was still breathing. This gave birth to a full-hearted intention to practice, implement and teach the powerful wisdom that lies within each and every loss we experience, individually and collectively. It is this wisdom that has taught me to receive all transitions in life openly with a whole lot of faith and less fear.

Recognising transition is important because…

become self aware

Life and Death are two sides of the same coin.
An integral part of our make and one cannot exist without the other.

Loss a humble reminder of death and graceful endings.
Abundance a generous reminder of life and new beginnings.

The ultimate reality is that all endings we experience in our waking life are a gentle yet powerful reminder of our own mortality.

It is an extremely vital transition of life that we so often refuse to face, due to lack of awareness, support and a willingness to acknowledge the valuable gifts that lie in honouring our endings.

We have such a huge unlimited potential to experience all the wonderful opportunities that life has in store for us.

And the fear of loss is what limits our capacity to engage with all aspects of our human expression to it’s full capacity.

Honour all endings with grace for they are the only gateway for every new beginning.

My teachings…

ego ceases to control

Much of my teachings is based on my dedicated awakening to awareness itself and building on my intuitive skills through my life experiences.

But I also strongly believe in the integration of the logical mind and the intuitive heart, so you will find my professional qualifications a delightful blend of both.

Coaching Certification from the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership (IECL), Certification in Emotional Intelligence, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Reiki Level 1 and 2, and a dash of astrological counselling are tools that I use to help provide structure within the context of the ever-changing nature of feelings and emotions.

I have also been actively engaged in practising and teaching meditation and mindfulness techniques for more than twelve years.

Client reviews

So, if you are drawn to relating to loss with grace and feel empowered to face life transitions with less resistance to grief, impermanence and uncertainty,
I would love to work with you.

I am excited to share tools and strategies that have helped me overcome much of my negative thinking and inexhaustible fear-based behaviours to living a life of trust, surrender and faith.

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Free Guide To Exploring Loss Through Journalling (includes 24 prompts to get you started)