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A cup full of recognition

I chanced upon a meme the other day that read, “me waking up to zero messages because no one gives a damn about me”, with an image of a woman looking sad.

This meme had nearly 4000 comments with various people tagging themselves as “this is me”, “I am glad I am not alone” etc.

It touched me too. 

This meme represents our deep yearning for acknowledgement and recognition. We often shy away from this yearning by fighting against it or simply numb ourselves into oblivion. Yet it lingers, often as a painful reminder that something is missing in our lives.

We all want to be seen, heard, loved, acknowledged and recognised for who we are.

But what sort of acknowledgement are we really seeking? 

Is it for our academic and financial success? Perhaps success in love and romance? Or maybe it is for our ability to hold a career and family together?

As much as we feel the need to celebrate the above, something deeper and sweeter wishes to be honoured.

How do you inhale when you are in love?
How do you exhale when you are exhausted from the stresses of life?
In what ways do your shoulders tighten or relax in the presence of another?
When are your eyes most receptive to life and when do they project out due to overwhelm?
How does your body open to conversation and when does it retreat in need of space?

This is the Language of Sensitivity

When the heart fills the silence in the way a mother breastfeeds her child to fullness. Mindless chatter dropping away into the egoic vacuum of nothingness. And where presence reveals the entire universe in one single breath.

So, how can this yearning be fulfilled with care? Where the body instantly relaxes from being met at a level, beyond words?

It always starts with the one seeking to be met.

– Observe the nature of your breath in the mornings upon waking

– Check-in with your body when you feel disheartened from lack of acknowledgement – how can you, not the other, nurture to ease this pain?

– Remain open to receiving the full spectrum of life, especially from the unseen realms

– Allow your sensitivity to guide your daily interactions with yourself and others

– Cultivate language to give form to all feelings so your body can breathe with ease

When we acknowledge the yearning of the heart, the heart recognises its journey is simply to return to presence.



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